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Development, Science and technology have bestowed mankind with many advanced facilities and features be it medical or science or any other fields. As is with advancement or any improvement, there are also accompanying risks and the recent threat impacting almost everyone is the cyber threat. People indulging in cyber activities through the easy-to-use tools and means are being savagely victimized through same cyber means and as of now cyber crime seems to be another huge threat to netizens. The only way to address this menace is to educate and empower people about cyber security risks.
This section is dedicated to sharing published information on such attempts and also periodical advisories from authorities on the reported cybercrimes, how they are cracked and suggestions on how netizens are to be careful in handling these. Only published news items and some emergency contact details are shared here to help people , in times of need. In addition, some periodical tips on other topics are also planned to be shared
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