Some tips to travel safe with your cards

  1. Inform the bank about your International travel (so that your transactions away from India are passed seamlessly)
  2. Set a limit on your domestic transactions (This is required until you cross the borders of your country)
  3. Set a limit on your overall international transactions
  4. Set desired limits on your transactions category wise like ATM, eCommerce and contactless routes
  5. Make sure that your card is well protected from the misuse of ‘Contactless facility’ by wrapping it around silver foil and other recognized methods
  6. In case of ‘Domestic only cards’ , make sure to set a bare minimum limit or better to zero
  7. On reaching your international destination, remember to block domestic transactions and (if required) international transactions too.
  8. Make a note of your card details including number, validity period and cvv. Also keep handy the online link , password and contact details to reach your card provider, in case of need.
  9. Ensure safe keep of critical data related to your card and share the same with your close confident so that they could react at your behest
  10. Remember that OTP (One Time Password) is not in vogue in many countries and transactions will be through even without it.