Kapali’s Canvas – YouTube Launched

    I am pleased to inform you of having launched my YouTube Channel Kapali’s Canvas.

    The Canvas, holding my blogs and website, has now been painted with an informative channel.

    This channel has been created with the purpose of sharing matters that could enhance awareness and empower individuals. Focus of this channel will be on empowering Senior citizens, Home Makers and any interested netizen, with values.

    I assure that this non commercial channel will be apolitical and will shy away from topics that do not add value to individuals. Neither it will encourage or indulge in time killing gossip, debates and controversies.

    I hereby personally invite you to visit my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/@kapaliscanvas to enjoy the contents and provide your valuable feedback.

    Not to miss any of the planned videos on varied topics, please Subscribe to the channel without fail.

    To make sure that your near and dear ones also enjoy the contents and benefits, please feel free to share this invite and the YouTube channel link with them.

    As my well wisher who is constantly encouraging my offerings, I am confident that you will continue to encourage and patronize this initiative also to make it a huge success.

    Looking forward to your visit and valuable feedback a my YouTube channel.

    Cheers !

    Kapaleeswaran, V