Cybercrime prevention tips

  • In case of threatening calls from unknown numbers, disconnect and do not keep talking.
  • Do not panic under any circumstances – the caller could sayYou will be arrested’ or ‘your electricity connection will be disconnected’ or ‘your bank account / card will be blocked’ – Just disconnect the call, as these are all meant to panic the receiver.
  • Never share any information to ANY caller be it your bank or anyone.
  • Note down the number from which the call was received and report the incident to  cybercrime police.
  • Cybercrime complaint can be lodged 24 x 7 through phone number 1930 . You can also lodge online complaint through the below websites:

  • Earliest reporting of cybercrime is very important- Do not delay – Complain at the earliest.
  • Think twice before sharing your Id to anyone. Avoid sharing your personal details unnecessarily and in unavoidable circumstances ‘ print boldly across the document as to whom and why it was shared along with the date’.
  • Check the reliability of the shop before taking photo copy of sensitive documents like Aadhaar card, PAN card, license, ration card, Voter Id or passport. If possible have a copier at home and take copies.