Submitting Digital Life Certificate, some guidelines


November is the month where Bank Pensioners are expected to submit Life Certificate , failing which their monthly pension will be on hold until the exercise is completed. While most of the pensioners walk to the nearest bank branch and submit the LC, only those who are away from India faced the challenge of submission, as this is to be done before a bank official, who will certify that the pensioner is alive on that date.

In 2014, the Government of India alleviated the sufferings of such pensioners who are unable to come to present themselves before the bank official by introducing the process of generating a Digital  Life Certificate (DLC) , wherein pensioners residing anywhere in the globe could connect through Jeevan Pramaan which will validate the Id of the pensioner through a biometric system and the generated DLC will automatically be sent to the bank concerned. Banks in turn are expected to keep their part of the process by picking up the DLC submitted, and it is clarified by the Government of India that the pensioner’s responsibility ends with submission of DLC and that there is no need for a follow-up, as it is the responsibility of the banks concerned to complete the process.

This boon to the pensioners, mainly for those who are unable to move or with their wards abroad, is in place now and one can utilize this from anywhere in the world without visiting the bank.

The process involving the pensioner presenting his fingerprint through a fingerprint scanner pose some challenge as the steps of installation and updating of the software every year is slightly tricky which non-technical pensioners could find hard to follow.

With the intention of reducing this pain, I have been making blogposts since 2019 in my blog giving step by step guidance on how the DLC is to be generated including some FAQ by collating responses to queries from many official websites. My blogpost of 2019 can be read at:

To continue to experience and share relevant guiding points, I have been submitting only DLC since 2019, though I was very much present in India during November of all these years

Unlike the previous years where textual guidelines were shared through my blog, this year responding to many queries about this process, I have created a video giving step by step tips with the hope that the video could be a handy reference  for repeated viewing by the pensioner & their wards, who I am sure must be helping them to get over technical challenges to complete the submission.

Due to high size of the video, I do not wish to clog the storage of all the regular visitors and supporters of my blog by sharing it but will be too glad to share the video with pensioners of any bank. Bank pensioners interested to view this video, can send their name and email Id through a WhatsApp message to me at +91 9840258014. The video link I share can be accessed by them forever, as it will be placed in cloud storage, so that it could be an anytime reference material. So, whoever wants to view this video, please send a message as above.

As this video explains the process which is applicable to all Bank pensioners, please feel free to share this message with all your bank pensioner friends.

Please also note to share your feedback on the video to my email: or through the feedback page at Feedback