Nothing pleases one,  more than a pat in the back or a  second look at the efforts. Be it professional landmarks, cultural achievements or passionate pursuits , greatest gift for one with distant vision would be to get that appreciable nod. Blesseed to have gathered some and hoping to get more though not striving towards them.

Feedback on ‘Internet Banking ‘ session, held on 01-Jul-2023

Date: 11-Jul-2023

Your zeal for knowledge empowerment and imparting to others is a great service to fellow humans and May God bless you with good health to continue to serve the society !!

– Mr. Ramanujam Varadachari, USA


Feedback on ‘Internet Banking ‘ session, held on 01-Jul-2023

Date: 10-Jul-2023

Excellent feedback and congratulations for your initiative 👏🏻👏🏻 I really appreciate your energy and enthusiasm for spreading knowledge. God bless you

– Mr. Gopalaswamy Ramesh, Chennai


Video feedback on ‘Internet Banking ‘ session, held on 01-Jul-2023

Please click on this link to see : Video feedback on ‘Internet Banking’ Session


Feedback on ‘Internet Banking’ Session

Date : 01-July-2023

Mr P Wilson: I wholeheartedly thank you for your tremendous efforts and presentation. You are the guiding star for us.

Mr N. Santhanam: Our Teacher Mr. Kapaleeswaran has taken enormous efforts from the point of view of everyone.
A great salute to him. We will attend more such training as and when conducted. Wonderful and very patient presentation. Fixing of funds transfer limits to be changed periodically as per our needs . It is a valid advice for everyone.

Mrs K.V.Mythili: Very informative and in a simple understandable language for a person like me so afraid of digital transactions.

Mr M.Purushothaman: Very good session, more informative and very patient explanation by you sir. Whenever you take any class on computers and other banking knowledge, please include me.

Mr. R.Sampathkumaran: Excellent informative thanks

Dr S. Sankara Gomathi: Very Excellent, informative and professional lecture without any tired even after two hours. Appreciate his way of presentation with video slide and ppt wherever applicable for ease of understanding to all participants.

Mr. V.Rajendran: Presentation was very good. The screen shots captured were all explained clearly.

Dr. A.R.Malathy: It was very informative esp the nomination & password session Thank u very much sir.

Mr.K.S. Suresh Bapu: Good job continued by you for the sr citizens. Thodarattum ungal sevai. vaalga valamudan.


Mr. Swaminathan, Mumbai

Date : 20-Feb-2023

Had a quick look at your new look website. Mind boggling website! Or combination of four websites! You cover a wide range of topics such as Banking, Computer, IT Security, Music, Bhakti etc. A remarkable achievement! I am surprised to note that you call yourself an introvert! Please continue writing on these topics educating others. I really don’t know how many more talented people like you are there in our group!
Great! Keep it up! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍💐💐🙏

Mr. Ranjith Kumar P, Co-Founder and Partner at Levitate Consulting, Enterprise Architect

Date : 22-Jan-2015

I worked with Kapaleeswaran in Hexaware during the Re-Engineering Phase in Deutsche leasing engagement, Kapaleeswaran is very knowledgeable but stays calm & composed. Always looks at providing guidance & mentoring to the team in leading them towards the right direction. Very collaborative & wonderful person to work with.

Head of Information Security, Hexaware Technologies

Date: 28-Nov-2010

You are the mentor for all the fresher of testing team – feedback that I received – ever memorable for your leadership quality, friendliness, passion to build teams with a strong “Process” basement and always approachable for any help and guidance. Traces that you are leaving here will be remembered for ever.

Sr Vice President and Former Head of Quality, Hexaware Technologies

Date : 30-Nov-2010

Your diligence, sincerity, hard work and wonderful attitude resulted in a significant contribution to Hexaware. I and several others in Hexaware really applaud and appreciate the fact that you adapted and blended so well into an environment that was so different from your previous work environment. Youngsters need to learn a lot from you and I am sure you have guided many of them in the right direction.

Senior Manager, HR, Hexaware Technologies

You are always regarded as one of the role models by most of the juniors at Hexaware. I really cherish the moments where we had interacted very closely with each other. You have always given that extra hand to support function making it a win-win most of the time

HR Service Delivery Team, Hexaware Technologies

Professionals like you are hard to come by and we have thoroughly enjoyed knowing/working with you.

Mr Prakash Pande, Global Delivery Management Professional

Date: 05-Feb-2010

Kapaleeswaran is an excellent test and release manager with very good communication skills. He is committed to project success.

Mr Ramasubramanian, President, Equitas Small Finance Bank

Date: 19-Jun-2010

Kapali, is a meticulous person with good managerial skills. He is a “Go getter”. In the project where we were associated, some of the tasks were unstructured and he was able to execute them in the best possible manner. The key aspect which i appreciate in him is his ” Never say die ” attitude. He will be an asset to any team

Feedback on ‘Handling Emails’ session

Date: 18-Jun-2023

Mrs Kalpana Chandrasekaran: All the doubtful areas covered. Session was superb. Thanks for sharing your time, knowledge and the hardwork you have put in to create the ppt.

Mr. T.Ramaiyan: I really benefitted by simple way of sharing your knowledge on the subject understandable for even for a lay man which is highly laudable. I learnt many new points on vital areas such as downloading etc in first time from you . Regards Thanks Sir

Feedback on ‘Basic Computer Operations’ session

Date: 04-Jun-2023

Mr. N. Santhanam: The topics selected are really useful to me. Even after attending last year classes, I have developed an interest in noting in computers . In fact, I am servicing about 10 iob customers and am taking care of their banking activities and nowadays entered into property management. In this process I need to send at least 15 payments in a day. During month beginning, the payments activities are more. Any way all precautions before doing anything. Your class helped me to be very careful in these activities. Tomorrow I will do that practice session and update you.

Mr. S.Gopalakrishnan: Very useful and informative for basic level.

Mr. D.A. Arumugam: Good start.I will practice periodically I raise question or I want clarification kindly help.Thank you Sir. Valgha valamudan Nalamudan.

Mr.G. Venkatesa Perumal: I enjoyed your session and I updated my knowledge which i already know and learned new afresh. Kindly conduct a session on Cyber security at desk level. Thanks a lot sir

Mrs. Savithri Chandrasekar: Very useful basic informations are shared with patience. Thank you. Awaiting your next session on cyber crimes and Excel learning 🙏

Mr. V. Veeraswami: Over all good session. Learnt/ reviewed/ recharged our knowledge Looking forward to more such sessions.

Mrs. K.V.Mythili: Very informative in simple language Tks a lot Sir.

Mr. K.S.Suresh Bapu: Helped very much to remember the various options as we r not doing practice/work in computer.

Dr. A.R. Malathy: It was very clear with instantaneous demos I have to work on the exercises given.

Mr. T. Ramaiyan: Very useful First time I learnt many things about computer operations.

Mr. S. Muralikrishna: Very interesting.

Mr Balu S, Past President, CySI

Date: 19-Feb-2023

Super Sir, Awesome. Congrats.
I will visit often your website to update me. Cyber-crime incidents reported in press may also be incorporated in this in a brief manner so that we can understand what is happening in cyber space.

Comment on Blogpost

Date : 26-April-2021

I am amazed. Seldom do I come across ablog thats equally eductaive and engaging., and let me tell you , you’ve hit the nail on the head. The problem is something which few people are speaking intelligently about. I’m very happy I found this in my hunt for something regarding this. Thank you

Blog post : Clouded Priorities 

Mr Uday Reddy, Vice President, Hexaware Technologies.

Date: 10-Dec-2018

I’ve known Kapali ever since I joined Hexaware in 2003 when I was involved with Banking & Financial Services group and he was a senior Domain and Functional expert with Hexaware’s Independent Testing Services (HITS). We worked together closely when we needed his services for scaling up and managing a 200+ testing team for the EBS project. With his extensive testing and domain experience, Kapali proved to be an asset to the project, where he helped set up the systems and processes for streamlining the Offshore testing activities. The team used to look up to him for his knowledge and his experience and also because he is approachable and friendly. He has knack of explaining complicated processes in simple terms that youngsters could grasp easily. His accumulated knowledge of Banking systems and Testing was instrumental in driving a team in creating a Test suite for Retail Banking – he also published a white paper on the same, before voluntarily separating in Dec 2010. I have very pleasant memories of our joint work related experiences and would gladly take him on board, if such an opportunity comes up in the future

Head of Testing, Mumbai & Pune, Hexaware Technologies

Date: 29-Nov-2010

Though our interaction was for a very short time in Testing Practice (QATS), but for many months we interacted over phone and finally we were able to see each other – it felt good to know the face that I was talking to all this while during my BFS days. It was great to know you and the knowledge you carry, xxxx used to often tell me who to approach in case of any queries in ‘Retail Banking’ area

Senior Consultant, Testing Practice, Hexaware Technologies

Date: 30-Nov-2010

It’s nice working with you and learned a lot in terms of planning, organizing and positive attitude.  I am really fortunate to meet such a great person in my life. I really mean it.

Head of Automation COE, Hexaware Technologies

Date: 01-Dec-2010

I have learned lot of things from you, out of which what I like most are “handle the situation coolly”, “impartiality and fairness at work” and “give proper respect to others”. It is very difficult to find a person like you at work place and I am fortunate, getting a chance in working with you for couple of years….

Team member from US

You’ve helped make Hexaware the company it is today. Utmost respect toward you. We also aspire to do our part. Myself, and others wish you all the best.

Mr Narayanan K, Vice President, Hexaware Technologies

Date: 10-Oct-2009

Kapali is an embodiment of calmness in the middle of all sorts of project pressures. A banker by profession he came to Hexaware with tons of domain knowledge and nicely adapted to a new industry and its eco system. Kapali is great mentor for the younger generation. He is one of the few people who takes total responsibility and one can trust 100%. Wish him all the best!