Updated on 08-Oct-2023:

Realizing that it is not enough just to teach, but also we must take efforts to clarify their doubts, the session to exclusively clarify basic doubts held on the 30th of Sep, 2023, was well received with 26 registrations. It was heartening to note that 90% of the registrants were senior citizens and was blessed to get a call from an 82 year old super senior citizen on the day of the event to check whether he could attend the session , and he did attend.

Starting with the usual initial hesitation, the session slowly broke the ice and people started asking doubts right from creating folders to correcting mistakes they made while creating their email-id and as against the anticipated 90 minutes, the session went for the whole of two hours.

The lavish feedback by the participants can be viewed at: Feedback

Initial invite on: 17-Sep-2023

Towards greater awareness of common man,  I have been conducting free online coaching sessions on various computer related topics since Jan 2022 and over 250 people have acknowledged the knowledge gained from these sessions. The focus of these sessions are on educating those who feel helpless dealing with computers and the participants include senior citizens, home makers and students.

Despite the accepted and acknowledged hand holding in these sessions, it is understandable when people say that ‘I understand everything in the session. But, when I go to computer and operate on my own, I get lots of doubts. What to do – my son and daughter are busy- who will clarify these doubts for me‘ !

Don’t worry. A special Free, online session is being planned to discuss and clarify all the doubts one has on  ‘Basic Computer Operating Skills’, ‘Email handling’ and ‘Internet Banking’.

This session is free but registration is essential.

Anyone wanting to register and attend this doubts clarification session  could

1. Send an email to kapaleeswaran@gmail.com

2. Send WhatsApp message to +91 984025 8014 .

3. Directly register by filling the Google form at the link : Registration Link

Date and Time of the session will be notified directly to the Registrants soon.

Let us Care and Share – knowledge

Kapaleeswaran, V

Please feel free to share this with anyone with an intent to learn

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